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During treatments with a newborn or infant, safety and comfort are always of high priority to allow babies system to adjust and shift with ease. A wide array or positions are used to accomplish this, some of which are on the parent or caregiver, with the therapist, on the treatment table, or during breastfeeding or bottle feeding. 


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) for adults is performed on a massage table with pillows adjusted for comfort. Often times the treatment starts at the feet to check in on how the whole system is presenting that day. Kristin uses acute perceptive touch to allow the body to lead her to different areas of the body that require support.


Positional comfort are always taken into consideration during these treatments. Pillows are often used for either side-lying position or semi-sitting position depending on how far along in the pregnancy the client is. BCST is light enough touch for both Mom and baby. Focus is given on assisting Mom's system to accommodate the many changes involved during pregnancy. 


BCST work is great for supporting the Nervous System to balance into states of more rest and relaxation. This may be a supportive piece for those on their journey to conceiving a child, as well as those recovering from giving birth. Focus on full body integration through the bodies innate nature to move into health is always at the forefront of these treatments.

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